As a part of a culture program we offer 2 excursions for October 11-12:

  • Museum-reserve Polenovo. Well-known painter Vasiliy Polenov was the one to praise the beauty of the Oka River valley. In 1890 in the Tarusa vicinity, on the right Oka River shore he dwelled in his estate Borok, at present referred to Polenovo. It later welcomed many Russian painters like Levitan I., Korovin K., Vrubel M., Vasnetsov V., Serov V. and others. Now in Polenovo you may find the museum-reserve with a branch placed in a church designed by Polenov in the Bekhovo village.

  • Museum-reserve Melikhovo. Famous russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov lived here for a period of seven years from 1892 to 1899. The writer bought it early in 1892 from theatrical painter N.P. Sorokhtin, who arranged his house in the style of his own theater decor. Many of Chekhov's masterpieces were intervened with the land of Melikhovo. Currently, the Museum-Reserve includes the manor house, the guest house, the kitchen, the bath house, numerous household buildings, a wooden shed housing fire-fighting equipment, an exhibition showing an old ambulatory medical station and a large garden area.

The cost for each excursion is $25 per person. If you wish to take a tour - please select the desired date and excursion from the form below.