Accepted Papers

Full paper

9Real-time Target Tracking through Mobile CrowdsensingJinyu Shi and Weijia Jia
13When Will A Repost Cascade Settle Down?Chi Chen, Yong Zhang, Hongliang Tian, Jie Tang and Chunxiao Xing
15DTRP: A Flexible Deep Framework For Travel Route PlanningJie Xu, Chaozhuo Li, Senzhang Wang and Zhoujun Li
18Efficient Subgraph Matching on Non-volatile MemoryYishu Shen and Zhaonian Zou
20Mining Co-Location Patterns with Dominant FeaturesFang Yuan and Wang Lizhen
25Influenced Nodes Discovery in Temporal Contact NetworkJinjing Huang and Lei Zhao
34PrivacySafer: Privacy Adaptation for HTML5 Web ApplicationsGeorgia Kapitsaki and Theodoros Charalambous
38Event Cube – a Conceptual Framework for Event Modeling and AnalysisQing Li, Yun Ma and Zhenguo Yang
55Incremental Structural Clustering for Dynamic NetworksYazhong Chen, Rong-Hua Li, Qiangqiang Dai, Shaojie Qiao and Rui Mao
57A Kernel-based Approach to Developing Adaptable and Reusable Sensor Retrieval Systems for the Web of ThingsNguyen Khoi Tran, Quan Z. Sheng, Muhammad Ali Babar and Lina Yao
58A Network Based Stratification Approach for Extracting Summary Tweets for News ArticlesRoshni Chakraborty, Maitry Bhavsar, Sourav Kumar Dandapat and Joydeep Chandra
63Spatial Information Recognition on Web Documents using a Semi-Supervised Machine Learning MethodHendi Lie and Richi Nayak
64Reliable Retrieval of Top-k TagsYong Xu, Reynold Cheng and Yudian Zheng
66Discovering and Tracking Active Online Social GroupsMd Musfique Anwar, Chengfei Liu, Jianxin Li and Tarique Anwar
84Determining Repairing Sequence of Inconsistencies in Content-related DataYuefeng Du, Derong Shen, Ge Yu, Tiezheng Nie and Yue Kou
87Location-based Top-k Term Querying over Sliding WindowYing Xu, Lisi Chen, Bin Yao, Shuo Shang, Kai Zheng, Shunzhi Zhu and Fang Li
90Efficient Multi-Version Storage Engine for Main Memory Data StoreJinwei Guo, Bing Xiao and Peng Cai
115Social Personalized Ranking Embedding For Next POI RecommendationYan Long
120Coordinating Disagreement and Satisfaction in Group Formation for RecommendationXiao Lin, Yongfeng Zhang and Zhaoquan Gu
121Assessment of Prediction Techniques: The Impact of Human UncertaintyKevin Jasberg and Sergej Sizov
127Online Cost-aware Service Requests Scheduling in Hybrid Clouds for Cloud BurstingYanhua Cao, Li Lu, Jiadi Yu, Shiyou Qian, Yanmin Zhu, Minglu Li, Jian Cao, Zhong Wang, Juan Li and Guangtao Xue
130Long-term Multi-Objective Task Scheduling with Diff-Serv in Hybrid CloudsPuheng Zhang, Chuang Lin, Wenzhuo Li and Xiao Ma
134Maximal Sub-Prevalent Co-location Patterns and Efficient Mining AlgorithmsLizhen Wang, Xuguang Bao, Lihua Zhou and Hongmei Chen
137Combining Local and Global Features in Supervised Word Sense DisambiguationXue Lei, Yi Cai, Haoran Xie, Qing Li and Ho-Fung Leung
143Overlapping Communities Meet Roles and Respective Behavioral Patterns in Networks with Node AttributesGianni Costa and Riccardo Ortale
144Taxi Route Recommendation Based on Urban Traffic Coulomb's LawZheng Lv, Yongxuan Lai, Kuan-Ching Li, Minghong Liao and Xing Gao
145Cross-Cultural Web Usability ModelRukshan Alexander, David Murray and Nik Thompson
146A Concurrent Interdependent Service Level Agreement Negotiation Protocol in Dynamic Service-oriented Computing EnvironmentsLei Niu, Fenghui Ren and Minjie Zhang
150Local Models for Top-N Recommendation via Refined Item-User Bi-ClusteringYuheng Wang, Xiang Zhao, Yifan Chen and Wenjie Zhang
154HOMMIT: A Sequential Recommendation for Modeling Interest-transferring via High-order Markov ModelXu Yang, Hong Xiaoguang, Peng Zhaohui, Hu Yupeng and Yang Guang
165A Refined Method for Detecting Interpretable and Real-time Bursty Topic in Microblog StreamTao Zhang, Bin Zhou, Jiuming Huang, Yan Jia, Bing Zhang and Zhi Li
167Efficient Order-sensitive Activity Trajectory SearchKaiyang Guo, Ronghua Li, Shaojie Qiao, Weipeng Zhang and Rui Mao
169Discovering Hierarchical Subgraphs of K-Core-TrussZhenjun Li, Ronghua Li, Jun Guo, Xin Huang and Rui Mao
170Time Series Classification by Modeling the Principal ShapesZhenguo Zhang
180Extracting Web Content by Exploiting Multi-Category CharacteristicsQian Wang, Qing Yang, Jingwei Zhang and Yanchun Zhang
183Connecting Targets to Tweets: Semantic Attention-based Model for Target-specific Stance DetectionYiwei Zhou and Alexandra I. Cristea
193Understanding Evasion Techniques that Abuse Differences among JavaScript ImplementationsYuta Takata, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Takeshi Yagi, Takeo Hariu and Shigeki Goto
198A Large-Scale Visual Check-In System for TV Content-Aware Web with Client-Side Video Analysis OffloadingShuichi Kurabayashi and Hiroki Hanaoka
203Factorization Machines Leveraging Lightweight Linked Open Data-enabled Features for Top-N RecommendationsGuangyuan Piao and John G. Breslin
213A Fine-grained Latent Aspects Model for Recommendation: Combining Each Rating with Its Associated ReviewXuehui Mao, Shizhong Yuan, Weimin Xu and Wei Daming
223Dynamic Relationship Building: Exploitation Versus Exploration on a Social NetworkBo Yan, Yang Chen and Jiamou Liu
228Crowdsourced Entity Alignment: Question Selection and AssignmentYan Zhuang, Guoliang Li and Jianhua Feng
229Semantic Web Datatype Inference: Towards Better RDF MatchingIrvin Dongo, Yudith Cardinale, Firas Al Khalil and Richard Chbeir
230Anonymity-based Privacy-preserving Task Assignment in Spatial CrowdsourcingYue Sun, An Liu, Zhixu Li, Guanfeng Liu, Lei Zhao and Kai Zheng
235Extractive Summarization Via Overlap-based Optimized PickingGaokun Dai and Zhendong Niu
238Modeling Implicit Communities in Recommender SystemsXiao Lin, Yongfeng Zhang and Zhaoquan Gu
240Effective Caching of Shortest Travel-Time Paths for Web Mapping Mashup SystemsDetian Zhang, An Liu, Gangyong Jia, Fei Chen and Qing Li
253Adaptive Deployment of Service-Based Processes into Cloud FederationsChahrazed Labba, Nour Assy, Narjès Bellamine Ben Saoud and Walid Gaaloul
255Exploring the Impact of Co-Experiencing Stressor Events for Teens Stress ForecastingQi Li, Liang Zhao, Yuanyuan Xue and Li Jin

Short paper

8Exploiting Users' Rating Behaviour to Enhance the Robustness of Social RecommendationZizhu Zhang, Weiliang Zhao, Jian Yang, Surya Nepal and Cecile Paris
23A New Static Web Caching Mechanism based on Mutual Dependency between Result Cache and Posting List CacheThanh Trinh, Dingming Wu and Joshua Zhexue Huang
24Modeling Complementary Relationships of Cross-Category Products for Personal RankingWenli Yu and Li Li
32Cross-Domain and Cross-Modality Transfer Learning for Multi-Domain and Multi-Modality Event DetectionZhenguo Yang, Min Cheng, Qing Li, Yukun Li, Zehang Lin and Wenyin Liu
33Mining Representative Patterns Under Differential PrivacyXiaofeng Ding, Long Chen and Hai Jin
41Auxiliary Service Recommendation for Online Flight BookingHongyu Lu, Jian Cao, Yudong Tan and Quanwu Xiao
68the automatic development of SEO-friendly single page applications based on HIJAX approachSiamak Hatami
85Cloud Services Data setsAhmed Ghamry, Asma Alkalbani, Vu Tran, Yi-Chan Tsai, My Ly Hoang and Farookh Khadeer Hussain
92How fair is your network to new and old objects? : A modelling of object selection in web based user-object networks.Anita Chandra, Himanshu Garg and Abyayananda Maiti
95Interpreting Reputation through Frequent Named Entities in TwitterNacéra Bennacer, Francesca Bugiotti, Moditha Hewasinghage, Suela Isaj and Gianluca Quercini
104Efficient Approximiate Entity Matching Using Jaro-Winkler DistanceYaoshu Wang, Jianbin Qin and Wei Wang
128Iterative Reduction Worker Filtering for Crowdsourced Label AggregationJiyi Li
135An Ontology-Enhanced Hybrid Approach to Aspect-Based Sentiment AnalysisDaan de Heij, Artiom Troyanovsky, Cynthia Yang, Milena Zychlinsky Scharff, Kim Schouten and Flavius Frasincar
136Eliminating Incorrect Cross-Language Links in WikipediaNacéra Bennacer, Francesca Bugiotti, Jorge Galicia, Mariana Patricio and Gianluca Quercini
178A Multi-attention-based Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Network for Relation ExtractionLingfeng Li, Yuanping Nie, Weihong Han and Jiuming Huang
179SGMR: Sentiment-aligned Generative Model for ReviewsHe Zou, Litian Yin, Dong Wang and Yue Ding
187DARE to Care: A Context-Aware Based Framework to Track Suicidal Ideation on Social MediaBilel Moulahi, Sandra Bringay and Jérôme Azé
191A Survey on Security as a Service: Classification and SWOT AnalysisWenyuan Wang and Sira Yongchareon
206A QoS-aware Online Incentive Mechanism for Mobile Crowd SensingHui Cai, Yanmin Zhu and Jiadi Yu
207A Randomized Reputation System in the Presence of Unfair RatingsMohsen Rezvani and Mojtaba Rezvani
216Towards Effective web crawling - A theme weight and Bayesian Page Rank based approachYan Tang, Lei Wei, Wangsong Wang and Pengcheng Xuan
219WeDGeM: A Domain-specific Evaluation Dataset Generator for Multilingual Entity Linking SystemsEmrah İnan and Oguz Dikenelli
226Estimating support scores of autism communities in large-scale Web information systemsThin Nguyen, Hung Nguyen, Svetha Venkatesh and Dinh Phung
234How does Fairness matter in Group RecommendationXiao Lin, Yongfeng Zhang and Zhaoquan Gu
243Tracking Clustering Coefficient on Dynamic Graph via Incremental Random WalkQun Liao, Lei Sun, Yunpeng Yuan and Yulu Yang